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Whether you are charged with a Federal Crime, or if your business is a target of a Federal Criminal investigation, we will discuss all your options and legal strategies.

If a law enforcement officer pays you a visit to discuss a Federal matter about you or your business, do not make the mistake of making any statements or discussing the matter prior to hiring an attorney. It is crucial to hire a competent Federal Criminal Attorney to guide you through the process and obtain as much information about the investigation. Making any statement will generally only you put you in further legal jeopardy.

Contact a Los Angeles Federal Criminal Attorney today to discuss the details of your situation and to protect your fright and liberty.

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We provide effective and aggressive Federal Criminal representation. Our reputation and history of successful litigation speaks for itself.

We handle a wide array of Federal Criminal matters, including:

A Federal Criminal charge can have a devastating impact on your business, yourself personally, as well as your loved ones. Federal crimes often raise a complex mix of business and criminal issues and carry hefty fines, penalties and potential Incarceration. We encourage you to call us to discuss you matter.

At the Law Office of Peter Berlin, we know the seriousness and severity of a Federal Criminal charge. The Federal system is quite different than the state criminal system, and frequently carries far greater penalties, fines and jail time.

This is why we assure that at our firm you will not feel like a small fish in a big pond. We maintain constant communication with our clients about their case and encourage inquires and communication.

We promptly return client phone calls, and you will not be shuffled from attorney to attorney at our firm. Contact us today, or call us to discuss you or your business's needs if you are facing a Federal criminal investigation or  charges. See for yourself what a Federal Criminal Attorney from our firm can do to assist you and potentially prevent any investigation from going further.

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